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A New UK/ Europe based online store for all Father Heart Ministries resources.
Based in Glasgow, Scotland and overseen by John McDonald of Fatherheart Scotland
Fatherheart Media is pleased to be able to make available resources from Father Heart Ministries
at affordable pricing without the expensive carriage costs incurred when purchasing direct from
 New Zealand.
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Below are numerous links to Recordings  for your enjoyment and edification.
Please feel free to download to your personal listening device.

Helenne King
"Who Are You",
Holywood,Belfast, December 2018                                                   Who Are You

Helenne King
"Letting Go To Live Life"
Holywood,Belfast, December 2018                                                 Letting Go To live Life

Helenne King
"Awakening to Devine Beauty"                     Awakening To Devine Beauty
Holywood, Belfast, December 2017

Ian Ross
"Encountering Fathers Love"
Holywood, Belfast, October 2017                                                          Session 1
                                                                                                              Session 2
                                                                                                              Session 3
Mark Gyde
"The Authority Of Son's "                                                 The Authority of Sons
Holywood, Belfast, September 2017

Barry Adams
"Living in Weakness"                                       Living In Weakness
Skye session , May 2017

Helenne King  
"Living In The Now"                                        
Living In The Now
Holywood, Belfast, Jan 2017

Trevor Galpin
"The Journey of Saul the Pharisee                   The Journey of Paul 1
to Paul the Son"   Part 1
Holywood, Belfast, April 2018

"The Journey of Saul the Pharisee                   The Journey of Paul 2
to Paul the Son"   Part 2
Holywood, Belfast, April 2018

Peter Galloway
"The Two Trees"
Holywood, Belfast, November 2018                                                      The Two Trees